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Tennessee State University, USA

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Yonsei University, South Korea

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JCEA - Vol. 14, No. 2 - September/October 2015

Special Issue - Emergency Management

Guest Editors

Kyujin Jung

Tennessee State University, USA

Se Jung Park

Georgia State University, USA

Jiyoung Kim

YeungNam University, Korea

Front Matter

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From the Guest Editors

Overcoming the Barriers to Emergency Management in Asia

Kyujin Jung, Se Jung Park and Jiyoung Kim

Full paper in PDF

Research Article

Emergency-response organization usage of social media during a disaster: A case study of the 2013 Seoul floods

Ji won Kim, Yonghee Kim and Melissa Suran

Full paper in PDF

Research Article

Mitigating Hazards by Better Designing a Recycling Program: Lessons learned from South Korea

KyungWoo Kim and Minsun Song

Full paper in PDF

Research Article

Hierarchy, Construction, or Mentality: Capacity-Limiting Government Actions in the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake of China

Jingran Sun and Xiangyu Li

Full paper in PDF

Research Article

Mobilizing Voluntary Organizations in Taiwanese Emergency Response: Citizen Engagement and Local Fire Branch Heads

Wei-Ning Wu, Ssu-Ming (Fisher) Chang and Brian K. Collins

Full paper in PDF

Research Article

How the New York Times Portrayed the 2010 Brazil-Turkey-Iran Nuclear Deal: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Esmaeil Esfandiary

Full paper in PDF

Research Note

Effective Leadership in Public Organizations: The Impact of Organizational Structure in Asian Countries

Jesus N. Valero

Full paper in PDF

Book Review

Asia-Pacific Disaster Management: Comparitive and Socio-Legal Perspectives

Edited by Simon Butt, Hitoshi Nasu and Luke Nottage 


Brian Williams

Full paper in PDF


Research Article

Catalyzing social media scholarship with open tools and data

Marc A. Smith

Full Paper in PDF


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